Daughter Of Fire And Ice

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Daughter Of Fire

Daughter Of Fire And Ice

Authors: Marie-Louise Jensen

Publisher:Oxford University Press UK Reviewed by:Shelby Thomson Age: 15 ISBN 13:9780192728814

Thora and her brother Sigurd had quite a normal life until there comfortable home was visited by a rather cruel man, Bjorn Svanson. When safety overcomes her, she has no other choice but to go on quite a risky boat trip leaving her home, Norway, and going to Iceland to start a new and hopefully safer life with no one she knows.

Join Thora as she tries to make friends, and start a good relationship with someone who she can trust. Forced marriages, very interesting doctors and some extraordinary battles are included therefore leaving nobody in the family disappointed!

I definitely enjoyed the book. I really enjoyed the romance shared between the three main characters in this book. They had a very strong bond which was a great example of how hurt people can take revenge on others who are in a happier situation.

I would most definitely recommend this book to other children my age, maybe even slightly younger. I reckon that this book is suitable from thirteen.

This book was suited for my age.

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